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NBI became Visa USA and IBANCO became Visa International.The term Visa was conceived by the company's founder, Dee Hock.The original idea was the brainchild of Bof A's in-house product development think tank, the Customer Services Research Group, and its leader, Joseph P. Williams convinced senior Bof A executives in 1956 to let him pursue what became the world's first successful mass mailing of unsolicited credit cards (actual working cards, not mere applications) to a large population.

In other words, Bank Americard was transformed from a franchising system into a jointly controlled consortium or alliance, like its competitor Master Charge. However, Bank of America retained the right to directly license Bank Americard to banks outside the United States, and continued to issue and support such licenses.Both politicians and journalists joined the general uproar against Bank of America and its newfangled credit card, especially when it was pointed out that the cardholder agreement held customers liable for all charges, even those resulting from fraud.They conducted a "massive effort" to clean up after Williams, imposed proper financial controls, published an open letter to 3 million households across the state apologizing for the credit card fraud and other issues their card raised, and eventually were able to make the new financial instrument work. banks at the time) could not expand directly into other states due to federal restrictions not repealed until 1994.By the mid-1950s, the typical middle-class American already maintained revolving credit accounts with several different merchants, which was clearly inefficient and inconvenient due to the need to carry so many cards and pay so many separate bills each month.The need for a unified financial instrument was already evident to the American financial services industry, but no one could figure out how to do it.

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