Bravo chanel dating a millionaire show

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(We all know where this is going.)“I heard a very scary story lately,” Gheely says. You don’t need to go to Bravo to find intrigue, dramatic relationship and designer-fashion-filled entertainment. And, hey, maybe a member of this fabulous circle will let me borrow a Birkin or Chanel J12 (white with diamonds, please) so I can get to 200 followers.“An account I've been following suddenly was closed and I found out recently that this person was robbed at home while on vacation because people were able to locate her house through geotag on Instagram. But an overall lesson in personal safety: Don’t just give potential robbers your home address via social media.

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You don't want to make someone feel bad because ‘I have or own this’ and they don't.“Fashion brings people together.”Or as Kane puts it, "Birds of a feather flock together."But not everyone in the greater Insta-group can be trusted.With so many followers and “friends,” there are bound to be some creepers.“I just thought I was going to share some pics and that was it.But I feel like I have made some good contacts and a lot of them have met in real life and people seem to really find real friendships.”“Indeed, I feel I have this network of Instagram friends and it all happened because of fashion,” Gheely says.

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