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A married couple spent six hours in a swimming pool to escape the flames of a devastating Northern California fire that burnt their home to the ground.

Jan Pascoe, 65, and her husband John, 70, were at home in Santa Rose on Sunday night when they first noticed signs of smoke approaching their property.

To stay warm they held each other and spoke about their love for one another and their family.

'I just kept going under,' she told the publication.

Perhaps part of the problem is the replacement of the word ‘handicapped’ with ‘learning disability’.Concerned but not panicked, John decided to gather a few cherished items including two Dale Chihuly glass bowls he inherited from his mother and some of his paintings and stashed them in his car for safekeeping.Later that night, they received a call from their nervous daughter, who lives in San Francisco, warning them about the growing blaze and begging them to get out while they still had time.The death toll, revised upward by eight on Thursday, marked the greatest loss of life from a single California wildfire event in recorded state history, two more than the 29 people killed by the Griffith Park fire of 1933 in Los Angeles.With 3,500 homes and businesses incinerated, the so-called North Bay fires also rank among the most destructive.

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