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However, this article has a section on filtering that is a starting point if you want to go that route.

characters that you can be sure wont end up in a name. You could easily run a large name list through your expression when your done and see what falls out (if any).

If its people from entering names you don't like, then you're SOL you'll never get a regex that handles every name in every culture.

Heck, you probably could even get one that handled American Hippies.).

) and there are surly to many valid symbols to inlcude them all (and you will have Chinese symbols problem again).

I would not put any constraints on a user name - it may even contain numbers; think of aristocratic names. No matter what regex you come up with, I can find a name somewhere in the world that will break it.

She did not receive much promotion with big releases soon coming from Dr.

The group's manager suggested that the group should start rapping after seeing ABC, and Eve stuck with it.If they don't properly escape when inserting into SQL, any name with an apostrophe (which your original question already recognizes as necessary) opens you up to security vulnerabilities.Imagine trying to authenticate a user nameed "Foo'or True Or'foo" — no "dangerous" characters, but there goes your login scheme.I haven't seen any other case in the list of corner cases. I strongly suggest you read up on diacritics in Arabic, especially those are separate Unicode characters but which combine with letters to change them. In case (2), you may as well allow all characters because "123 456" is really no worse a pseudonym than "Abc Def". Trying to get every umlaut, accented e, hyphen, etc. Just exclude digits (but then what about a guy named "George Forman the 4th") and symbols you know you don't want like @#$%^ or what have you.Regarding numbers, there's only one case with an 8. But even then, using a regex will only guarantee that the input matches the regex, it will not tell you that it is a valid name EDIT after clarifying that this is trying to prevent XSS: A regex on a name field is obviously not going to stop XSS on it's own.

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