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She also asked that we agree to NOT pull the crew on Monday. (We never set any deadline to reach a deal, but we never agreed to call off any alleged strike.) We then negotiated with the company through the weekend.Bright and early Monday morning, the company’s representative again asked us to not pull the crew.We held a lengthy meeting with most of the “Rick and Morty” artistic staff on the evening of Thursday, September 4th detailing the above and asking them what they wanted to do.Doing a strike to leverage the company to a contract was one of the discussion topics.

It was incredibly stressful and absolutely unnecessary.

s co-creator Dan Harmon, who also happens to be a partner in Starburns Industries.

So yes, while Roiland’s claim that the Guild listed the wrong studio on the petition to unionize is correct, it’s disingenuous to assert that “by the time we found out about this…we had almost no time to put together a deal with the union.” The old studio and new studio have one of the same principals, not to mention that they operate out of the same building.

Even Roiland concedes that he’s ok with his crew being compensated fairly: “I am happy the crew has benefits and all the other perks that come with unionization, I just don’t like how the whole thing went down.” The Animation Guild performed exactly as it was intended, which is to achieve better working conditions for artists using whatever leverage they have in a situation.

In this case, the leverage they had was a group of artists who revolted due to inferior labor conditions. Instead of blaming the Animation Guild for improving the lot of his artists, Roiland should be thanking the Guild for making him do what any responsible employer would have done in the first place.

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