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She is single and is waiting to find love before she loses her virginity.Mallory's looks gain the attention of Adam and Ace.A working model with a flair for fashion, he intends to go to college, but has yet to apply to schools because he's unsure about his career goals.“Seven strangers” travel to their new Paris home.The housemates include attractive Ace, 23; virginal Mallory, 19; Simon, 18, from Ireland; cocky Chris, 22; likeable Leah, 22; former cocktail waitress Christina, 24; and Adam, 23, whose father is in the Commodores.She is known as loud and boisterous, and is often the center of attention.She admits to at one time only dating men who drove expensive cars.

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For their Frommer's job, the housemates must review different shopping districts and stores in Paris.A weekly bonus would be given to the housemates if they all completed their weekly assignments, which they rarely did. T." Tamburello and Leah Gillingwater, were caught submitting fake reviews.) Château was built in 1869, and is located in Le Vésinet, a commune of France in the western suburbs of Paris, France.It is located 10.2 miles (16.4 km) from the center of Paris.Mallory is a 19-year-old freshman at Iowa State University.Described as "statuesque, athletic", her parents are pushing her to achieve in sports, but Mallory is struggling may want to explore life outside of athletics and gives up her soccer scholarship to move to Paris.

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