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Daniel Radcliffe says he would fancy Ryan Gosling (who wouldn't? In times past, when Marlboro men and tough-guy icons like Jack Nicholson, Gene Hackman, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro reigned, bromance subjects Pattinson and Gosling might have sued or worse at any implication of gayness. Primo stromo David Beckham may be among the first U. footballer to give interviews to gay magazines and may have expressed pride in his gay-icon status, but he's equally if not more famous for braiding his hair, painting his nails and posing in Emporio Armani underwear in a 2009-2010 campaign for a reported 20 million pounds.

Slender and big-lipped former model Eddie Redmayne, who plays a transgender woman in , out this fall, also is an exemplary stromo.

Confesses male-celebrity hairdresser Sean James: "I'm not sure when gay and straight looks swapped, but men in general are marketing themselves much more these days so they can have the perfect dating profile picture for Tinder to meet girls or guys." Services have followed accordingly.

Today in Los Angeles, there are nail salons just for men (Hammer & Nails on Melrose), straight guys going for eyebrow shaping (brow queen Anastasia Soare says, "Male stars come in the salon all the time and are fine if someone takes their picture") and the pursuit of the gay male-body ideal.

Not only that, magazines that cater to the gay community guarantee beautiful shots.Straight men want the same things as gay men — except the gender of their sexual partners." Cornell University psychology professor Ritch Savin-Williams begs to differ even on that point and has said partner-gender preference isn't as clear as it used to be for "mostly straight" young men who consider LGBT equality the movement of their generation.On the Kinsey heterosexual-homosexual sliding scale, established by sex researcher Alfred C.Our straight guys versus gay guys is an even split." Simpson sums up the reason for the rise of stromos: "Men increasingly want to present themselves as available for fantasy to both sexes — especially if they're heterosexual." Echoing a June 18 comment by actor-of-the-moment Chris Pratt (who wants to "not objectify women less but objectify men just as often"), Simpson adds: "Women no longer own that province of objectification.Straight men now want to be sex objects — and what better way to get objectified than by other penised human beings?

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