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On medicine, Depressives/bipolar's should be given a second chance.For the record, I believe the spouse of the Depressive/bipolar often has mental illness as well.Now, what happens when the offending spouse, of either sex, suffers from pathological narcissism? Such narcissistic (or sometimes even antisocial) traits or tendencies are notoriously resistant (though not impervious) to treatment.Narcissism (self-love) makes true intimacy and empathy impossible.Generally, men tend to be more able to dissociate their emotions from casual sexual behavior with other women, whereas women tend to become more emotionally involved and attached.

There can be a profound lack of caring and consideration for the partner's feelings, needs and personal perspective. Often such red flags are blatantly obvious to everyone but ourselves. Men whom they thought could be changed by merely loving them?

Both parties must be equally committed to the relationship and to monogamy, if that is what is promised and expected. But because one chooses to honor one's commitment and because one cares about and values the relationship with the partner so highly that taking the risk of threatening, damaging or losing that relationship and deeply wounding the partner is completely unacceptable. And both damage whatever level of trust had been built up to that point in the relationship.

Are there fundamental differences between women's infidelities and men's? But sex for women has different psychological and biological significance than sex for men.

Communication skills must be evaluated, improved, and regularly practiced between the couple with a therapist's assistance. It should be the injured or betrayed party that dictates what will be required for him or her to ever fully trust the offender again. But we can also learn from our mistakes, so as to avoid repeating them. As with domestic violence, the victim may be bamboozled and confused by the offender's apparent heartfelt contrition and proclamations of love and dedication.

And, perhaps the hardest part, trust must be rebuilt. Trust must be earned, gradually re-established by offenders consistently following through faithfully on whatever they say they are going to do--or not do. And whatever they say it will take, within reason, is what the offender must be willing to commit to providing unconditionally. Or they come to see the offending partner as suffering from some mental disorder or substance or sexual addiction that both compels and excuses their abusive behavior.

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