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Abby, first looking at me and then at her mother said that she had to catch up with school work so she could not go. beginning to more urgently roll and tweak her buds. She apologized and then looking back at me she rubbed her slippery hands together until they were entirely covered. Then keeping some pressure, she began to easily slide up and down my pole. I hesitated to answer for several seconds as she continued to entirely cover my shaft with oil and soon the liquid was dripping down over my balls as well. “Begin to slowly move my COCK all over your tits and especially those stiff little nipples.” Ally aimed my long shaft towards her stiff buds . I had to grit my teeth to keep from cumming as she continued.

I had a number of household maintenance jobs which needed my attention. as compared to the big prize you have in your hands,” she said with a smile . “Tell me what you want me to do,” I asked with a quick wink.

This is a quick description and I hope you enjoy it!

My wife, her daughter Ally and I were watching TV but Mary was actually more interested in the book she was reading, hardly even glancing up at the TV. Ally knew I was watching her and was no doubt finding this experience very exciting.

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Guessing that she was in a high state of arousal I followed her into the house. “Let me see your titties Ally,” I suggested as my curled fingers continued their slow path up and down my stiff shaft. I became even harder as I caressed my cock and especially when I saw the dark spot of moisture growing bigger on Ally’s panties. Her jaw dropped and blushed again but with slightly parted lips as if she was panting as she stared at my fist stroking . I had been aroused by Ally ever since she and her mother moved in with me after we got married, but I had never before demonstrated my feelings in any way.She closed her legs and then shifting her bottom so that she faced more to me, opened her legs even wider, keeping a watch on her mother to make sure she still had her nose buried in her book. That evening Ally was looking sexier than I had ever seen her before. but I want you to use this BIG COCK OF YOURS to spray my titties with your hot cum!!!I awoke the next morning with images of Ally’s panty covered crotch in my mind and going straight into the bathroom found her panties in the wash basket. I found a pair that I knew were hers and masturbated a large load of cum into them, covering the dried white cum she had deposited the evening before.

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