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Alex Cohaniuc An expandable vertical menu with lots of colors. Carbonica A casual arrow and a circle indicates the current page. About the Author Tehseen likes to write about design and technology tools that can make things easier. He also writes for a number of other tech blogs including Techie-Buzz and Make Tech Easier.

Power To The Poster Sophisticated fonts and a transparent effect make this menu stand out. Jeff Sarmiento A colorful menu with extra large fonts and symbols. Mc Allan Ridge Another multi-line menu with a nice textured background. Nando Designer A casual menu with a notebook effect. What sites have you visited with a menu so nicely done, that you actually paused to look at it?

And that seems about right: I can’t even count how many gay friends I have for whom popping open Grindr is as rote of a smartphone task as scanning their email-clogged inboxes.

Grindr, for instance, seems to be looking to shed its scurrilous image as “just a hookup app.” In March, the company that pioneered the geolocation-based, casual sex–facilitating sensation launched the online magazine Into.

And it’s putting out more than just fluff by featuring topics such as the one-year remembrance of the Pulse nightclub shooting, the “resist march” at Los Angeles Pride, Ireland’s first openly gay prime minister, and the record levels of violence against LGBTQ people in 2016.

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In many respects, this isn’t too different from the late 1990s, when online chatrooms cracked open a universe for curious queers that had previously been mired in mystery.

You then divide that up into sections and then into various levels of navigation. That list of links is one of the most important part of your website though, it goes without saying that every visitor to the site will be using them to get around.

In this post we’ve pulled together some of the best designed navigation bars (both horizontal and vertical) to help give you ideas to enhance your own. Fabric London A beautiful minimalist menu with fast colors and a compact design. Nopoko Graphics Sleek looking tabs with drop shadow and a beautiful background pattern.

With open events and publications, these companies get to put their brands on a wider variety of gay connections.

And, in doing so, the likes of Grindr, Hornet, and Scruff are re-creating queer sociability in significant ways.

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