Updating demigod

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I have latest version, so it shouldn't be an issue at all since it was "fixed" in previous update (not the last one).

I'm ready to help in any way that I can, just let me know what needs to be done.

I'm reinstalling now, will update this post after reinstalling and re-updating.

Update: I un-installed the game, deleted all registry entries that contained demigod (please make backup first before doing something like deleting registry entries) and re-installed the game after it (re-downloaded and re-installed).

PS: I don't play the game any more since Impulse doesn't see my version as "broken" (thus re-installing and patching doesn't fix issues that are meant to be "fixed", like "forgetting" target) even though it is.

If you have a better place for me to ask for assistance, please guide me.

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hmm not saying that this will fix your problem if its still occuring but you should check and see if when you uninstall it also deletes the old registry for Demigod and if not manually delete it cause if not i think it might think that your game is actually up to date..thats just a guess Don't know if it was wise from my side to do that without making a backup but I searched the registry and deleted every entry that contained word "demigod".

One of them contained "Patch level" 5 (I uninstalled the game before making wise decisions).

Restricted unit movement around and through Citadels on all maps to prevent pathing errors and exploits for Generals and Minions. Sedna’s Healing Wind buff adjusted for High Priest from 30% to 19% bonus.

Temporarily disabled Hex Scroll, Ring of Divine Might, and the Horn of Battle until associated army buffs can be properly reconfigured to deal with timeout conflicts.

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