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Whenever pet owners see their companions start to scratch, one of the first things to enter their head is a vision of fleas dancing about the fur or coat.

These tiny pests are a common threat to pets and pet owner homes.

Dogs with fleas or cats with fleas are the most common household pets threatened, which choose warm, humid environments to live and feed on the blood of their victims.

The flea is a small pest that measures one to three millimeters in length.

With home remedies for fleas, you can enjoy safe alternatives to controlling these common pests in your household, as well as create a more comfortable environment for your pets.

Home remedies for flea control to consider include: To repel fleas from bedding, cut a flea collar into four separate pieces and place under your pet’s bed or under furniture cushions.

When your pet suffers the bite of many fleas, it’s time for an essential oil bath – a more natural alterative to chemical-based flea dips.

Just one bite can cause an allergic reaction known as flea allergy dermatitis. Other signs include reddened skin, scabs, generalized hair loss, and hot spots.

A study conducted by the University of Florida saw a 40% drop in flea counts after sponging down dogs with the Avon bath oil called Skin-So-Soft. It is said that the woodland fragrance of the product is a turn-off for the pests.

The next time you give your dog a bath, add white vinegar to the mix to prevent flea infestations.

If you prefer non-chemical methods of control, you may want to consider using home remedies for fleas.

There are nearly 2,000 species and subspecies of flea that live around the world.

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